[6 factors cause pain in female sexual intercourse]_Woman

[6 factors cause pain in female sexual intercourse]_Woman

Sexual affairs, things that are very pleasant, make each other happy.

But for many women, sex is not a wonderful thing, but it is something that they can’t avoid.

This is because they have all experienced painful intercourse. Most of the intercourse pain is temporary, but for some women, the pain is long-lasting and continuous.

When encountering such problems, we need to seek medical treatment in time, find the cause, and treat as soon as possible.

Hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders mainly refer to hormone changes after menopause and lactation that can cause intercourse pain.

After menopause, as the level of estrogen decreases, the vaginal wall becomes thinner, the elasticity breaks down, and the lubricating performance also decreases, all of which will cause intercourse pain; during lactation, the hormones that promote milk production also reduce the level of estrogen inside the body, causingVaginal dryness.

The use of vaginal lubricating fluids can help women in both periods to reduce intercourse pain.