[Hawthorn Antihypertensive Tea]_Antihypertensive Tea_ 山里红 _Making method

[Hawthorn Antihypertensive Tea]_Antihypertensive Tea_ 山里红 _Making method

Hawthorn is also called mountain red, which is more common in daily life. It has the effects of helping digestion, lowering blood pressure and lowering blood lipids, so it is very popular.

In fact, in order to achieve the best blood pressure lowering effect of hawthorn, it is necessary to make it with tea and other traditional Chinese medicinal materials such as apocynum leaf for brewing and drinking.

First, the preparation method of hawthorn antihypertensive tea formula: 6 grams of apocynum leaf, 15 grams of hawthorn, 5 grams of schisandra, and an appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Method: First rinse the apocynum leaves, hawthorn and schisandra with clean water, then brew with boiling water and add rock sugar to replace it.

Usage: Allow substitution, long-term application.

Its efficacy often gets better as the period of medication increases.

Second, there are some teas that can lower blood pressure. Cassia seed antihypertensive tea: Chinese medicine Cassia seed has the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, clearing liver and eyesight.

Regular consumption of cassia tea has special effects in treating hypertension.

15-20 grams of cassia seed soda tea is used several times a day instead of tea. It is a wonderful product for the treatment of hypertension, dizziness and unclear vision.

2. Apocynum antihypertensive tea: Apocynum antihypertensive tea can calm the liver, relieve heat, and relieve depression.

Indications: ① dizziness, headache, and brain swelling caused by hypertension.

② Insomnia, horror, convulsions, and syndromes are those with liver wind movement or wind heat disturbance.

③ prevent colds.

3, mulberry parasitizing antihypertensive tea: mulberry parasitizing tea Chinese herbal medicine mulberry parasitizing is an agent for nourishing kidney and blood.

Traditional Chinese medicine clinically shows that using mulberry parasite decoction to replace tea has obvious auxiliary curative effect on the treatment of hypertension.

The method of making mulberry parasitized tea is to take 15 grams of dried mulberry parasitic products, cook them for 15 minutes, and place them once a day, morning and evening.